Redirects for Affiliate Links

There are a few ways to do redirects to clean up affiliate links. Here is a list of my top four PHP redirect – write the code yourself (see below ) This will work on any php based platorm. .htaccess redirect —  again write the code yourself and edit the .htaccess file. This is more […]

Split Testing Software

If you have a website and its getting LOTS of traffic but you aren’t getting many sales, you either in a market not conducive to selling products online OR YOUR website is not selling very well. If so then here is a quick checklist for you. Is your ad or product link featured prominently ? […]

Installing Analytics on a Large Website

have you ever needed to install Google Analytics all static HTML files on your website ? If you have a large website that can be a lot of work so you have a few options. You can have the apache webserver install it automatically on the fly The downside here is that this requires […]

8 Tips for Tracking With Google

If you are tracking clickthrus, events, conversions using Google Analytics here are a few tips, ideas and hints for tracking and then later on improving your webpage using Google tools : analytics, adwords and Google website optimizer. New to Google Analytics is something called event tracking. Google events are slightly different than goals in Google […]

All You Ever Need To Know About SEO

Finally its all here from Google’s Mouth – Or just download it here .. Great info but I didnt see any mention of having W3C valid HTML which is one additional thing to consider. search-engine-optimization-starter-guide

Google Conversion Tracking Code Tricks

In many cases setting up Google Conversion tracking is straightforward. However in some cases and under some situations you are not able to control the thank you or checkout page. In this case you have to make a conversion. <code> <script src=""> </script></code> <script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[  var google_conversion_id = xxxxxx; var google_conversion_language = "xx"; var […]

Winner Alert Coupon

Why do they add a coupon field do the end of the signup process if there is no coupon available. Im mentioned this before but I will say it again. I think Winner Alert is a great tool. Right now, using Winner Alert to manage a campaign of 90,000 keywords is making my life a […]

How to Automatically Login with Putty

Like most of my articles, this one was written as a reminder to myself. How to Setup Putty to Automatically login. Download PuTTY — Use this link or Google putty. Be sure to download.  I would suggest this version – A Windows installer for everything except PuTTYtel Install Putty by double clicking Run PuTTYgen following […]

How To Rsync Between Two Webhosts in Three Easy Steps

If you have webhosting contracts with two different companies you can backup data by passing it back and forth on a regular schedule using Rsync. It requires a bit more work initially but then you put this backup on a automated regular interval (cron job) Here is How to Setup Rsync in Three Easy Steps. […]

5 Simple Strategies To Quickly Backup WordPress Blogs

As mentioned in a recent post, I had several blogs that were infected with HTML Iframe virus. I really not sure how it happened but it reinforces the point that you NEED A BACKUP STRATEGY if you work / make your living online. Here are Five Simple Things you can do to backup your WordPress […]

The Best Popovers For A Landing Page

I  have been clued in to thickbox thanks to Jeremy Palmer who is using thickbox for If you are an affiliate marketer working on a landing page then thickbox fits the bill perfectly. If you are focused on selling something then you really don’t care what flavor of web 2.0 technology it uses (Jquery) […]

HTML:Iframe-inf wordpress Infection

If your blog has been infected by the HTML:Iframe-inf  infection according to avast here are two scripts that can help you. First What is the HTML:Iframe infection? – Its just a line of text that is inserted at the end of every index.php and/or index.htm in your website. Nothing to freak out about but you […]

High Quality Video Embedding with Youtube

Notice the difference in the videos . . Embedding Low Res Embedded High Res just add &rel=0&ap=%2526fmt%3D18 after fs=1 in the source code 2 times

3 ways to do direct linking to a clickbank checkout page

how to directly link to the order page clickbank Some nice tools per setting cookies when visitors land on your page

How To Count Inodes For Each Directory

Hostgator whom this website is hosted with limits you to 50,00o inodes per account.  So it not unlimited as they claim but nonetheless its pretty good hosting .. Here is a script that I wrote which helps you count each inodes in a directory #!/bin/bash # count inodes for each directory LIST=`ls` for i in […]

Writing For Websites

Users on the web dont read – they skim … So here is what you need to do. Get to the point Use highlighted text Emphasize important things Read this article – Use objective neutral language On a somewhat related note here is a website that my friend roman reffered to me and that […]

What Can I Change On My Website To Make It Rank Better On Google

First things first – the most important factor in your search engine ranking is determined by other websites link to your website. That said, there are several things you can do to insure that your website is setup correctly to rank well in Google. Here is my shortlist Take a look at your website in […]

How Can I Make My Website Rank Better

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not a complicated topic in fact Google tells you everything you need to know here -> Webmaster Guidelines The first and most important rule of SEO is knowing that the secret lies in how other websites link to you. This is important to know as you maybe editing your […]

Why Dont I See My Site In Google

Results from Google on the left hand side are called natural results or organic search. Unlike paid search or PPC (Pay Per Click), there is no guarantee that you will appear in a natural search result. Google decides using their secret algorithm – Its a secret but then again its really not a secret. They […]

Dos Command Prompt in Windows Vista

If you want to access a dos command prompt in Windows Vista in a specific directory you can now shift click on a directory in windows explorer. See this article – I have found this to not work well – better to use this old program which works well in windows vista called dos […]