Calling Google Customer Service For Your Adwords Ads

If you work online doing PPC advertising, sooner or later you will need to call Google.

Typically its is either one of two scenarios either you ads are not running or you need your account limits raised.

If you are having problems with your ads then before you call google you might want to try the ads diagnostic tool found under the campaign management tool. The ads diagnostic tool has a nice interface which can help you figure out why your searches may not be working.

google adwords diagnostic tool

In addition to the keyword diagnostic tool from google I would recommend Redflymarketing’s extension for Firefox that can enable you to view your search results from any geographical location.

Highly Recommended : Google Adwords Firefox Extension or just the download here.

Finally if you really can’t sort out why your ads aren’t running — maybe they don’t like the kind of ads your are running – aka ringtones/mobile subscription services, etc. They have a list of ads the google doesn’t like – check it out.

Anyways, if you can’t figure out whats going on with your ads then by all means give google adwords customer support a call.

How to Contact Google Adwords details:

To speak with an AdWords Specialist:

1. Call 1-866-2-Google (1-866-246-6453) and press 2 to access AdWords.

2. To expedite your call, press 1 to enter your Customer ID. This number
is located at the top of every page in your AdWords account, next to your
name and email address.

3. Press 2 if you don’t have your Customer ID available and you’ll be
transferred to the next available AdWords Specialist.

4. Press 3 if you’d like to start an AdWords account or want to learn more
about the AdWords program.

AdWords Specialists are available by phone Monday – Thursday, from 7 a.m.
to 7 p.m. PST (U.S.), or on Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST (U.S.).

If you have additional questions, please visit our Help Center at to find answers to many frequently
asked questions. Or, try our Learning Center at for self-paced lessons that
cover the scope of AdWords.

That was cut and pasted from an email that they sent me.

Hope this article helped someone out, if so let me know and be sure to install that extension from Redfly Marketing.

Here is the link again Google Adwords Firefox Extension or just the download here.


  1. says


    I desperately find email of Adword Customer Support. At link “Contacting Support” I did not find the email just forum, faq, and so on.
    I need it because there is no question of my problem.

    Why does this very big company does not have a friendly help desk to support its customers?

    Please inform me if you have the email.


  2. PShepard says

    I have spent thousands of dollars with google ads and have repeatedly ask questions and never have recieved any response. I am very disappointed.

  3. says

    Yes unfortunately I know how you feel .. They control most of the online ad marketplace and although they are a smart company their customer service can suck sometimes

  4. ronald parker says

    Hello this message is for customer service

    I was trying to post a comment on the complaints webpage, but keep getting an error message from you that says my email address is incorrect. Well, I beg to differ. I am perfectly aware of my email address. I have had the same one for 7-8 years and have no intention of changing anything about it know. For your information, my email address is
    I don’t know how I could change this if I wanted to.
    I felt that you could use this honnest comment.


  5. matt says

    So how do we get in contact with them?? I had ad words up 1 day and know I cant find it.Getting upset with this.Please help.

  6. Karen K. Brown says

    To Whom It MayConcern:

    I cannot get into my AdWords account. I have tried everything suggested. When I indicate that I can’t remember my password (I know what it is but it isn’t working) I get a message that does not exist.

    I have been billed forthe past two months and need the billing data to obtain reimbursement from my company.

    Best Regards,

  7. mark says

    I don’t have much time to write what i would like to write but to be brief here i know for a fact that adwords is about the worst service if you want to call it that, i have ever used. They should provide some kind of help for all the money that they steal from customers. I have been charged for invalid clicks i tried to get help for weeks i wasted so much of my time i wont even say cause it’s imbarasing its impossible to grt any help!, They must like ripping people off too in order to continue such a bad customer support program for adword service. I am sick of trying to read their lousy and pathetic help forums and other peoples problems trying to see if i can solve my own! If they want to continue to rip people off they should at least give a little rip off support!!!!

  8. James says

    Don’t waste your time trying to get a real person at Google to help you. We spend $900/month with Google AdWords. After patiently trying “online help” I couldn’t get a question answered. I called the number they publish for help from a real person. That person told me he could only help set up a new account and nobody at Google could answer my question. This even though I was calling the published customer assistance number. HE THEN HUNG UP ON ME. I’m angry and hurt and seriously considering whether rewarding Google with over $10,000/year of our hard earned money is a wise business practice. Wow.

  9. Frizzle Fry says

    Well after spending 2000.00 a month for the past two years on Ad Words for a clothing company website, (Yeah…that’s $48,000 in Googles pockets) Google decided that my account needed to be suspended because of the fact that the url displayed and linked to in all of the ads brings the users to and serves as an informational landing page and product search menu. If you navigate anywhere on this landing page, it brings you to the ecommerce portion of the site.

    First Google says that this type of “bridging” of urls is not allowed, because it is “misleading and drives users to content that they were not looking for” and that “the content between the two urls was vastly different.” I suggested that they actually LOOK at the two urls and find that they share the same menu system, layout, products, content, ect. They then responded via email that this bridging in in violation because the it is “misleading because the content is identical and serves no purpose…” – – All of this a push to set up another Ad Words account for the secondary url.

    Suspend my account under some contradictory “violation” and then respond with a sales push to open another account? FU Google.

    Of course, the rep could not provide me with a supervisors name, email or phone number. Not method to arbitrate the problem and an attitude of that I should be happy to continue to spend money with them.

    I think not. I’m spending what is in our budget for Ad Words on local print and broadcast advertising. My first ad will be for a 25% discount for anyone who comes in to the store yelling “Google Blows!”

  10. Ian Shere says

    I had my account permanently banned as Google couldn’t verify my billing info. When I went with their online help, it told me I needed to enter my Country and Time zone, and payment method. All these were correctly entered.

    The ironic thing is they sent me 4 $100 free Adword vouchers to give away to my clients. What?? Do I hate my clients that much? What a bunch of losers they are!

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